War In The Shadows

Opening Salvo

First adventure

This campaign takes place on a parallel earth, similar to our own in terms of history. The characters in the campaign are members of a magical cabal whose purpose it is to protect the veil that prevents the mundane world from knowing of the supernatural world. The reason for maintaining this secrecy is that traditionally, mundanes have worked to destroy species and individuals that they see as threats. Throughout the ages, this has included supernatural beings and wielders of magic.

At the time currently portrayed in the campaign, the PCs are recent inductees into the cabal. They are powerful, but are not (for the most part) knowledgeable about the “secret world” of the supernatural. They have been gathered together by a powerful mage to act as a sort of first response team protecting the secret cabal.

Their first mission will involve the infiltration of a secret government facility in northern Canada. The facility acts as a United States government prison, but is located on Canadian soil—far from prying eyes. They will enter the prison, neutralize the troops that they find there, and rescue a person who is of high interest to the Cabal.



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